Friday, October 13, 2006

Yankee Baseball!

I don't understand why the Yankee payroll issue is mentioned by the media and fans of baseball. Isn't it true that the Yankees consistently draw the absolute largest attendance numbers in history? The Joe Carter era Blue Jays may have topped off at 4 million per year as well but the Yankees have had huge numbers for the past decade. Doesn't this allow the Yankees to spend whatever they want? I suppose its a chicken or the egg theory or which came first? The high attendance, the winning, or the high payroll. In 1994 the Yankees payroll was the highest in baseball (for the first time) at 44 million. This
is just barely the highest as well. Had the strike not shortened this year the Yankees would have cruised to the playoffs, their winning % was .619 with 49 games left. Did people complain about their high payroll? No. Nevertheless the next year (the birth of Jeter and Mo) led to an incredible playoff series with Seattle and the next a Championship. Since then attendance and payroll have skyrocketed. As have revenue sharing, luxury tax AND road attendance. The Yankees high payroll helps fund every other team it plays by inducing sellouts at Visitor parks. This is why you never hear other managers or players talking about how the high Yankee payroll is an issue. Winners make money, just ask Michael Shumacher. It sucks that the Yanks haven't won a championship in 6 years but that's for us fans to deal with. We are dealing with it by selling out every
game, every year, championship or not.

Hate the Yankees you might, but they are to baseball what the United States is to the world.
And every baseball fan should recognize that.

What about the Mets then New Yorkers? Minaya has bought/brought every top free agent to the Mets and they are now a championship team. I hope the Mets win this year, my future would be great if the World Series could some how become a perennial Subway Series. High payrolls are one of the best investments an owner can make. Fan's interest (due to
winning) in a team boosts the budget which buys players that win games (except for the Knicks). I wish I could
have done more research before writing this but I'm at work in between experiments.

Friday, September 22, 2006

I like to rollerblade